Northfield Plaza Campus


The Northfield Plaza campus features two buildings sharing a courtyard. The property is the proud home to numerous local, national, and international businesses and organizations. The five-story building on the east side is denoted as One Northfield Plaza, and the three-story building on the west side is addressed Two Northfield Plaza. Each building has its own set of unique architectural details, art, and decor. The following are highlights of the benefits and features available to all tenants of Northfield Plaza.


The Northfield Plaza management and maintenance staff are available on-site and work tirelessly for its tenants. From responding to maintenance requests to addressing administrative needs, the attentive staff ensures that your tenure at Northfield Plaza exceeds your standards and expectations, delivering a superior working environment. Most noteably, the owner is onsite, providing a hands-on approach to the management of the property.


Northfield Plaza can accomodate many types of office tenancies. From fully-furnished single offices to multi-office suites, Northfield Plaza is ideally suited for the entrepreneur and small- to mid-sized businesses. 


The Northfield Plaza telecommunications infrastructure is state-of-the-art. Whether it is high-speed Internet access or multi-line telephone systems, the building can accomodate your technology requirements with ease.